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Sim Daley – Banjo
Renee Radeke-Daley – Fiddle
Tony Watt – Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Jenni Lyn Gardner – Mandolin
Daniel Hardin – Bass

Cages Bend is an exciting new acoustic Bluegrass band from the heart of the south, Nashville, Tennessee. Comprised of seasoned players and talented young musicians, the band is a unique blend of old and new. Stellar vocals and tasteful instrumental performances exemplify their original sound – from high energy, hard-driving Bluegrass to slow, deep meaningful ballads. With one foot in the present and the other in the past, Cages Bend is a band that will be on your "Must See" list as soon as you hear them.

"Cages Bend is an absolute delight to listen to. The instrumental work is second to none and the vocals are as pure and exciting as you'll find anywhere in bluegrass music. These folks have all the "right stuff". Good material, inventive arrangements, exciting players, and beautiful vocal work".
 —Adam Steffey Mountain Heart

"Cages Bend have shown a predisposition towards making good decisions. They've gathered material from a wide variety of writers and put those songs into stylish and appropriate instrumental and vocal settings".
 Ron Block Alison Krauss & Union Station