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!!! Our Debut CD "Now I'm Lonely" is Completed !!!

Cages Bend is proud to announce that we have completed out new CD "Now I'm Lonely". We will have sample tracks on this site as soon as we can but if you can't wait to hear it you can purchase a copy directly from Sim using the information on the "contact" page. CD's are $15.00 plus $3.00 postage & packing. For more information on our CD project go to the Music page.


A Diary Of The bands Tour In England.

The Band visiting Fowey

Sim & the band flew over the pond to England on September 7th to headline the 4th Annual Cornish Bluegrass Associations festival in Newquay, Cornwall. From Nashville we flew to Newark & from Newark we flew on to Bristol, England where we were met by the Cornish Bluegrass Associations Richard Webster. It was a nice summers day & the sun was shining for us to travel down to Cornwall. Our destination was Richards house in Whitemoor just out side of St Austell where he & his wife Carol kindly gave us room & board.

Saturday was spent recuperating from the flight, but is soon became apparent that Tony was holding out on us !!! We finally found out that it was his birthday so Richard & Carol had to have a birthday cake for him. Birthdays were very much in vogue on this trip as the following day it was Sim's birthday, also celebrated by yet another birthday cake from out kind hosts. Saturday evening Richard drove us all down to the village of Charleston, a small little place use in the past to export China clay from the small docks where today two fully functional square rigged sailing ships can be seen. After a pint of beer in one of the harbor side pubs we were on our way back to Whitemooe for a good nights sleep.


Sunday was very much a rest & recuperation day apart for Daniel & Tony hiking up the china clay hills at the back of Richards house. Once they had got all that out of there system we had time to run over the tunes we were scheduled to play on a radio interview with David White on BBC Radio Cornwall the following day. For supper we were treated to a trip down to Fowey where Richard & Carol very kindly bought us all dinner at a restaurant over looking the estuary. Fowey has the docks where all the China Clay is exported from today. It sits on a natural deep river estuary & with the sun shining, it was the perfect end to our second day in Cornwall.

Monday we were up & out in time to be at the BBC studio in Truro. At 11.00am we were live on the air where we performed "Getting Over You" , " Every Shade of Blue" & "The Blues Have Got Me Down" from our new CD release " Now I'm Lonely". Sim Talked to David about the band , the Cornish festival & his link with Cornwall. Sim explained that he was from Looe (A small fishing village in South East Cornwall) & ever since he has been in Nashville he always wanted to take a band back over to play for the folks back home. Everyone at BBC Radio Cornwall seamed to like our music & the band had a great time playing on the radio.

Cages Bend playing live on BBC Radio Cornwall.

With the radio show over with, Richard decided to show us some of what Cornwall has to offer. He drove us all the way down Marazion, where just off shore, is St Michael's Mount, A castle on an island. Unfortunately we were just to late to catch the ferry over to the mount & had the tide had been out we could have walked over on the causeway. So it was back to the car & of to Lands End, the most westerly point of mainland Britain. Lands End is a dramatic place even on a calm day, with large jagged cliffs cascading down to meet the sea. Once again the weather was fine with the sun making the trip all that more special. I would hate to see what Lands End had to offer in a South Westerly gale of wind however. Around the corner from lands End is Sennon Cove. A small picturesque place where we all stopped at & feasted on "Fish & Chips". Sim was in seventh heaven to have proper English fish & Chips again which was made very apparent by the speed in which they vanished in front of him !! From Sennon Cove it was on to Newlyn, one of the major fishing ports in England where Sim got to explain some of the activity in the harbor. Sim was a commercial fisherman before his interest in Bluegrass music lead him to Nashville. Once through Newlyn we back tracked a little & drove through the picturesque fishing village of Mousehole before heading for home once again. on our way back we drove through Panzance, yes the same place that had the pirates !!!

Missy, Daniel & Sim at lands End.

Sim, Jennie, Daniel & Tony at Marazion with St Michael's Mount in the background.

Tuesday found us all heading for Looe, Sim's home town. We were dropped off by Richard to Karen & Trevor Simms who were to be our new hosts & who very kindly opened up there beautifully cottage for us all to pile into. It is the quintessential Cornish cottage with VERY low ceiling & crocked doorways. Everyone was warned to mind there heads as Trevor still ends up with big knots on his head from a collision with the low doorways, everyone that is except Jennie !! The evening was fine & still so we all took a walk down to West Looe Quay where we caught the ferry across to East Looe. From there it was on down East Looe quay past the Lifeboat station where the Polperro Fisherman's Choir were performing a concert for the public & on to the sea front. The band seamed mesmerize by the sheer beauty of there surroundings & even sparked the comment from Jennie that " I'm from Charleston ( South Carolina ) but we don't have nothing like this" !!!

East Looe.

Wednesday was another fine day & the band wondered around East & West looe making the most of there time there. Jen made the comment that she liked scallops so Karen made her scallops for breakfast every morning until there supply ran out. Sim was once again in seventh heave as Karen cooked him a full English breakfast every morning., not good for the waistline but OHHHHHHHHH so good !!!! That evening we were to perform our first show in the Ship Inn in East Looe. The show went really well & it was a dream come true for Sim to have the band play in Looe to all his friends. Sim's long time friend Richard Barrott kindly ran sound for us & the whole evening was a great success. Sim's instrumental tune that he wrote for the album was named after an old Looe fisherman. when Missy announced that we were going to play a tune written by Sim named "Snaker Dann" the place erupted in cheers, much to the bemusement for the band but to the amusement of Sim!

Cages Bend playing at the Ship Inn, East Looe.

Thursday morning found Missy, Jen, Daniel & Sim on a trip around Looe Island with Sim's old friend Jim Carnes. Sim has known Jim for as long as he can remember & Jim was delighted to take everyone on a boat trip especially as he has been at the show the night before. Sim did most of the steering while Jim pointed out caves & the local wildlife including one of the local seals basking on a rock. Jennie got to steer the boat over to Millandreath where Jim showed us an old house that he once lived in that was being renovated & sold for 1.5 million pounds !!!! That evening we played our second show at the Boscarn Hotel on the seafront in East Looe. The show went well & once again Richard Barrott very kindly brought his sound system & ran sound for us. Unfortunately Daniel was starting to catch a cold & was unable to sing for the rest of the trip but the cold didn't inhibit his fantastic bass playing in any way. Everyone that attended the show were amazed at the musicianship of the band & the quality of our material as up to then they had only heard Sim & Missy perform Banjo / fiddle tunes in one of the local pubs, something they NEVER do & a big reason why Sim wanted to perform in Looe to show what he really plays.

Jim Cairns & Jennie on our boat trip around Looe Island.

Daniel & Sim aboard Jim Cairns boat "The Kingfisher".

Friday morning found us leaving Looe, which must have had an affect on Jen as she shed a little tear upon leaving. Sim said that the place has that affect on people. We had to be in Newquay at the Hendra Holiday Park for another radio interview with BBC Radio Cornwall's David White. We played a couple of songs for him off our album before we were shown to our accommodation for the festival. Sim spent most of the day wondering around visiting with old friends before we had to get ready for that evenings big show. Sim said it was a surreal experience to kick off " getting Over You" & Dean Woon, the Chairman of the Cornish Bluegrass Association, said he nearly cried & had the hair on the back of his neck standing on end when the banjo came in. And NO,it wasn't because the banjo was so bad, it was because Sim & Dean had talked about the possibility of doing this very trip at last years festival in kind of a 'what if" sort of way, & now it was actually happening. Dean said that Sim has lived his very own dream of going to Nashville, forming a band & bring it home. It meant so much to Dean that he presented Sim with a pasty necklace to remind him of the festival & home after the show. ( a pasty is a local pie type dish very much associated with Cornwall ).

Cages Bend on stage , Friday night at the 4th Cornish Bluegrass Associations Festival in Newquay.

On Saturday morning Jennie,Daniel & Tony all hosted workshops for there respective instruments. All were well attended & proved popular & a big success. The rest of the day was spent around the festival site much the same as the previous day before we again had to get prepared for that evening. We played our second show with a different selection of songs off our album with some standard songs & tunes thrown in for good measure. Daniel was still under the weather & couldn't sing but he made up for it by wowing everyone with an impromptu rendition of "Grandfathers Clock" on the bass which brought the house down. We has some requests for songs from the previous night & finished out our show with an encore where we played "Train Of memories".

Jennie & Tony on stage at the 4th Cornish Bluegrass Associations Festival.

Sunday was a wind down day after the lead up to the festival. We could finally all relax & Tony bib some jamming at the Nechville banjo stall with renowned English banjo player Leon Hunt. With one last round of the festival, we all packed up the car & headed back to Richard Websters house where we spent the night.

Jennie's Mandolin workshop.

Monday arrived VERY early, at approx. 4.30 am. Richard had to drive the band back up to Bristol airport to catch there flight back to the US. They departed at 10.30 & with a 2.5 hour drive & having to be checked in 3 hours early, there was no way of escaping the early morning. Sim & Missy stayed on in Cornwall after the band returned so at around 5 am Sim & Missy waved goodbye to Jen, Daniel & Tony as Richard drove them away. The music was over................ for now !